“The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

(Albert Einstein)

Organic, sustainable, carbon free, 100% renewable energy: these are the concepts behind Majolini. And we turn these concepts into wine.

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Renewable energy use certification.

A sustainable winery

At the Majolini winery, we have always felt that a social function belongs in our business. That’s why we are committed to helping improve the quality of life in wider society and why we support social solidarity projects, cultural initiatives and a push towards environmental sustainability. We were one of the first wineries to adopt the Italian Wine Carbon Calculator (Ita.Ca®) to actively monitor our environmental impact, advocated by the SATA agronomic consultants. SATA’s analysis over many years show that is it possible to absorb more carbon dioxide into the production cycle than is produced.

Majolini only uses electricity from natural and renewable sources.

Organic Vineyard

One of the many Majolini organic vineyards.

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