Franciacorta quality

“I have the simplest tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

(Oscar Wilde)

Franciacorta quality is a truly Italian experience that can lay claim to the “Made in Italy” label.

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Italian excellence

Franciacorta is pure expression of the territory.

It isn’t “sparkling wine”, “bubbly” or “fizz”.

Franciacorta is the pure expression of the terroir that produces it. Made for every meal, Franciacorta includes several different taste profiles, resulting in the perfect pairing on a sensory level.
Every Franciacorta (extra brut, brut, satèn, pas dosé, millesimato...) distinguishes itself with a distinct personality that can be perfectly paired with different flavours,

from aperitifs to desserts, from gourmet meals to simple dishes.

It is best served in the correct glasses, between 8-10°C.

Strong personality

Aperitifs to desserts, from gourmet meals to simple dishes.