On nights between 18 and 20 April, in Franciacorta the temperature dropped below zero, as it did not since 1956. Frost has caused damage to which unfortunately there is no remedy.

The ripening of the vineyards was about fifteen days earlier than last year: the inflorescences were already visible, though still closed and grouped. A nocturnal night temperature at this stage has damaged the growth irreparably.

We visited our small vineyards in the woods: the glimpse is impressive. The leaves are flush and crumpled, some black. The small inflorescences seem swollen, and crushing them out of the water. Hand as the sun shines, leaves and fruits dry. The plants will survive, but all those affected, for this year, will not have any other fruits.

We ask for support and patience to those who love the Franciacorta Majolini: the risk that a land worker runs daily this time has hit heavily. The lists will be revised in view of the fact that the investments will not be repaid by the vintage, which for 2017 will be drastically reduced, perhaps by more than 70%: less than 3 hectares of 22 have been globally saved.