Our story

“We are all part of an infinite story.”

(Jim Morrison)

Our story From the 60s we put great passion and innovative spirit.

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Valentino Maiolini


The family winemaking business was launched in the late 1960s, thanks to the forward thinking of our grandfather Valentino Maiolini. With immense passion and innovation, he devoted himself to making red wine, and red wine alone.

Those were the days! Full of hustle and bustle and seizing the day of strength, willpower and dreams.

Maiolini Family

The second and third generation: Elena, Giovanni, Ezio and Simone.

After Valentino died in 1975, the business remained closed until 1981 when his sons Gianfranco, Piergiorgio, Rino and Ezio decided to start again with a new grape harvest: it was a fresh start, a new season.

Ezio Maiolini should be given enormous credit,

as he managed to spur the winery's growth and hand it over to the third generation: the two cousins Simone and Giovanni who run the business today.

Ezio Maiolini


Giovanni and Simone

The Cousins ​​who today run the company