Pas Dosé "Aligi Sassu"

Is tenacious, decisive and uncompromising. An artist’s wine that pays homage to the sculptor Aligi Sassu. He was a friend of the Majolini family and dedicated his last work of art to them, which has been installed at the winery since 1997.

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Pas Dosé

01. Profile

Created in 1995, this is our homage to the sculptor Aligi Sassu (1912-2000), a family friend. The label shows a stylised imaged of his sculpture Cavalli innamorati (Horses in love). This bronze artwork, his final piece, is housed in the winery. This Franciacorta has an uncompromising style, dry and pure.

The grapes, which are at the perfect stage of ripeness, are gently pressed very soon after picking and are fermented in steel vessels at a controlled temperature of around 18°C.

In spring, the cuvée is ready and the wine is bottled, to become sparkling.. The base wine used is single-vintage but comes from different vineyards..

The wine is then left to age with its own yeasts for at least 3 years. When it is perfectly mature, it is disgorged without the addition of sugars.


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02. Prizes


4 Roses "Camune"to our Pas Dose 2015 by GUIDA VINIPLUS 2021 EDITION


4 STARS to our Pas Dose 2015 by GUIDA VINI BUONI D'ITALIA 2021 EDITION

The two Prints from Go Wine Editore to Pas dose "Aligi Sassu"

the Onav guide " PROSIT 2020 EDITION" gives two glasses to our Majolini Pas Dosé 2014

4 STARS to our Pas Dose 2014 by GUIDA VINI BUONI D'ITALIA 2020 EDITION

SILVER MEDAL 2019 The Champagne & Sparkling wine world championships

Merum 2017/18

Bronze Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 (88 points)

88/100 Blind Tasted Andreas Larsson 2017

Gold Medal Sakura Japan Women's Wine Award 2017

4 Rose Camune Viniplus (AIS Lombardia) 2017

90/100 Veronelli 2017

Sparkle 2017

Bibenda FIS 2017

4 VITI Guida VITAE (AIS) 2017

Silver Medal AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge Vienna October 2016

92/100 Migliori Vini d'Italia 2016

Sparkle 2016

Bibenda FIS 2016

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