Extra Brut "Disobbedisco"

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Extra Brut

01. Profile

This wine was made to celebrate the Poet and the hero Gabriele d'Annunzio.
The poet would surely toast with this, accompanied by a cry of ‘Disobbedisco' (‘I disobey’).
The label depicts the flag of d’Annuzio's famed Città di Fiume: the snake biting its tail is a universal symbol that represents eternity and life renewing itself. The seven stars of the Big Dipper are another symbol of eternity, because it is the constellation that never sets and indicates the North Star, which sets the course for the sailors and which accompanied the poet in the Beffa di Buccari.

The grapes, which are at the perfect stage of ripeness, are gently pressed very soon after picking and are fermented in steel vessels at a controlled temperature of around 18°C.

In spring, the cuvée is ready and the wine is bottled, to become sparkling..
Depending on the year, the base wine can be made up of several different vintages or a single vintage.

The wine is then left to age with its own yeasts for a number of years.


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