Brut Millesimato Electo

Full of the style and ease of a big personality developed over the years. This is a complex wine that distinguishes the important moments that will become memories.

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Brut Millesimato Electo

01. Profile

This wine tastes of the nonchalance that a great personality acquires over the years. Mature and complex, this wine really comes into its own at important occasions.

replica orologi affidabili che non sono solo splendidamente realizzati ma anche durevole.

The grapes, which are at the perfect stage of ripeness, are gently pressed very soon after picking and are fermented in steel vessels at a controlled temperature of around 18°C.

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In spring, the cuvée is ready and the wine is bottled, to become sparkling..
The base wine used is single-vintage but comes from different vineyards. Some vintages, a small part of the reserve wine is used, fermented and matured in wooden barrels.

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The wine is then left to age with its own yeasts for at least 3 years.



02. Prizes

Sparkling Wine Festival 2020 awards a prime to our Electo 2011

our ELECTO 2011 is in second place among the best Franciacorta Brut on the Winesurf 2019-2020 Wine Guide

2 glasses for MAJOLINI ELECTO 2011 by Italian wine guide "PROSIT 2020" of ONAV ( national organization wines tasters)

3 STARS to our Brut Electo 2011 by GUIDA VINI BUONI D'ITALIA 2020 EDITION

5 GRAPPOLI from Italian Sommelier Foundation for "BIBENDA 2020"

4 Rose Camune Viniplus (AIS Lombardia) 2018

Bibenda Fondazione Italiana Sommelier 2018

91/100 Veronelli 2017

Silver Medal Sakura (Japan) 2016

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