Majolini winery’s property extends over the Moraine hills of Ome municipality: a special village for its characteristic geology based on many layers of limestone. Located in a protected cove on the foothills of Mount Brione (800 meters), it is surrounded by hills and privileged with a microclimate unique in Franciacorta.

Grapes of Majolini Franciacorta grow far from the cobbled streets in a place bordered by forests and footpaths: 24 hectares spread over more than 24 plots of land with various climate and different geological origin from each other. Frichetto is the Pinot Noir plot of land situated at the highest altitude in Franciacorta, at about 500 meters above sea level, in an area called Ruc di Gnoc.

A feature common to all these vineyards is the calcareous soil. In some places the stone emerges above the surface: it is a pure white limestone, Medolo, scientifically defined limestone maiolica, hence the last name Maiolini strictly connected to this land. Medolo gives minerality and structure to Franciacorta wines.

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In 2013 Majolini winery adopted the conversion to the organic viticulture until the Certificate obtained in 2016. It has chosen a production method completely focused on the quality of the grapes: low returns, high planting density, rigorous pruning, grassing and high grape selection.

Wine varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Majolina

Plant density:  6.250 plants per hectares

Wine trading: spurred cordon and Guyot

Cultivation method: vineyard fencing, leaf removal depending on the year, grassing, limited returns per plant

Harvest: done exclusively by hand. The grapes are placed in small boxes to avoid crushing injuries and the juice oxidation


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