A company can and must contribute to improve the quality of life. The Maiolini family is firmly convinced of the social function of the winery and plans projects of social solidarity and cultural activities in support of the environmental sustainability.

Majolini Winery was the first to join the rigorous Italian Wine Carbon Calculator (Ita.Ca®), a project for monitoring the environmental impact promoted by the agronomic study SATA and shared with the Winemakers Federation of Australia: Majolini Winery is one of the first companies to be able to demonstrate, by a rigorous method, a capacity to absorb CO2 higher than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted, a gas with a higher incidence on the greenhouse effect.

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The energy sources used by Majolini are 100% renewable: they come from Benaco 100% Green Energy, a brand that guarantees the opportunity to purchase clean and renewable Italian energy.


Majolini is constantly involved in social activities with Compartir orphanage. The project was born from an idea of Giorgio Maiolini who built an house with the aim of helping abused and abandoned children. In Mariara, Venezuela, Compartir gives a protected space, where live and think about the future, to 22 young girls from the age of 3.
The project, born from the courage of one single person, has grown over the years thanks to a lot of people's help.
Compartir means share. This is the purpose and the mission.

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Compartir Italia ONLUS
Italian headquarters: via Provinciale, 10. Ome (BS)
Venezuelan offices: Associazione Compartir. Mariara, Sector Aguas Calientes E.Do Carabobo
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Info: tel +39 030 652388

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