Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Avello

The Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Avello is located on the hill of the contrada of Cerezzata and it is dated back to the 15th century. The Sanctuary preserves a statue of the Virgin made of local stone which is the most ancient piece discovered in our territory.

Throughout the centuries the Sanctuary was subjected to several modifications and expansions. During the 16th century the walls of the aisles were decorated with a series of 159 frescoes representing Saints and the Madonna. In 1619 the martyrdom of Saint Erasmo, bishop of Formia, was realised. In 1684 the main bell of the fifteenth-century tower bell was placed.

Due to the increased number of visitors, Sanctuary was enlarged during the 18th century. The planimetry was rotated 180° taking the current structure: at East the gate (1712), at West the presbytery with the polychrome marble altar (1739), the statue of the Virgin positioned in a fifteenth-century recess and the altarpiece designed by Domenico Carboni. Then the precious organ of the eighteenth century was situated and in 1755 the sacristy was built. 

During the second half of the century the bishop Marino Giorgi (1777) decided to cover the frescoes with a coat of lime losing their traces until 1954, when the father F. Murachelli pointed out this monument and its emerging frescoes.

From 1972 to 1976 a commission, called Cappellania of Cerezzata, retrieved these works initially restored by Mario Pescatori and Gian Battista Simoni and then completed by romeo Saccamani in 1984.

On the 8th September of every year, the traditional celebration of the Nativity of the Virgin is commemorated with folkloristic and cultural events.

To make a reservation to visit the Sanctuary, please contact the Municipality of Ome (+39 030 652025).

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