Maglio Averoldi

The Averoldi mill (15th century) is one of the most important monuments of the village. It is located in an area named Grotta, in the South of Ome, and it is reachable by a medieval bridge called Poia, of the state highway 47 which connects Ome to Monticelli Brusati.

The mill, dated back to 1080, is a medieval suburb which comprises a two-storey building for working iron, a front porch for communal use, storerooms, and rooms for the machines moved by the water power.

It is the only mill still functioning in the province of Brescia and it is included in a cultural itinerary called The Iron and Fire Route. Every Saturday and Sunday two brusafer (specialized blacksmiths) show the working of iron and the ancient art of making Damascus steel blades. The Averoldi mill collaborates with the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), usually referred to English as the Italian National Trust.

 Inside the Mill (Video)

The house of Andrea Averoldi, the last member of the family Averoldi to work iron in this forge, died in 1984; nowadays it has become Pietro Malossi Home-Museum and hosts the precious collection belonged to Pietro Malossi.

A room of the Museum is dedicated to Francesco Medici, famous engraver and sculptor, and houses many temporary exhibitions (until now dedicated to Francesco Medici, Giuseppe Bergomi, Aligi Sassu...).

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