Iseo, the Church of Saint Andrew and the Castle of Oldofredi

Established during the VI century, the Church of Saint Andrew was rebuilt during the XII century and the architect Rodolfo Vantini restructured the interior. The high bell tower in the middle of the façade preserves the original shapes and was defined “ the most beautiful Romanesque bell tower in Brescia”. Right inside it conserves interesting pieces of the XIX century: frescos of Angelo Inganni.

Located on a rocky spur, the Castle of Oldofredi has a squared plant and angular towers. It is the unique untouched fortress of the Sebino lake. Built during the XI century and burned by Barbarossa, it was renovated in 1161 by Giacomo Oldofredi. In 1454 it became firstly a military garrison and later it was occupied by Cappuccini monks until the abandonment in 1798. Today it houses the Municipal Library.

 Provaglio of Iseo. The peat-bogs and the monastery of Saint Peter in Lamosa. The natural reserve of the bogs of the lake proposes fascinating footpaths and cycle paths. A lot of staging points, pic-nic areas and huts for the birth-watching are located in the reserve. The monastery of Saint Peter in Lamosa appears on the peat-bogs and offers an amazing view on the entire reserve. The monastery has very ancient origins and in 1086 it was donated to the monks of Cluny. The interior of the church is enriched with frescos dating back to the XV century.

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