BardolphWhy, sir, for my part, I say, the gentlemen had drunk himself out of his five sentences.

EvansIt is his five senses: fie, what the ignorance is!

(W. Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor, a. I)


The Winery houses Opera Sensoriale, an original work realized in December 2013 by the ebony artist Luciano Molinari: 199 varieties of wood coming from all the continents and assembled in a unique mosaic recreate the logo of the Winery. Beyond the visual aspect, the olfactory one put the visitor to the test.

Luciano is a complex artist: he is a painter but his color are not commercialized; he is a sculptor but he does not model clay, wax or chalk. Luciano works the wood: he assembled shape and colors of 1100 recycled blocks to create a piece representing the typical M of the Winery.

To each blocks of Opera Sensoriale the winery dedicated a case of limited edition Franciacorta Majolini Brut Magnum entitled Opere Multiple. Here are some:

  • the Rovere of the same barrel where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of Majolini winery end the fermentation and ripen;
  • the Kaori, the most ancient and rare wood in the world. It is avaible only in a confined area of New Zeland. It originated from fallen trees remained under the mud for over 30 thousands years;
  • the Briccole veneziane: the wooden poles, generally made with oak, indicating the navigable ways in the Venetian lagoon; they must be replaced when the wood begins to deteriorate;
  • the Makassar, an endemic Ebony to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is nowadays among the highest priced, rare and valued wood in the world used for jewelry;
  • the Maggiociondolo, a toxid wood. It is said that the wife, who would set herself free from the husband, poisons him serving an hot soup with a dish made with this wood. Today it is employed in pharmacology;
  • the Lignum Vitae, from the Antilles and Central America. It is characterized by an intense green or bronze color. Oils and balmy mixture used in medicine and perfumery are extracted from its resin. In 1767 the mechanism of the first watch for the nautical navigation was made with this wood thanks to its duration and its self-lubrication;
  • the Ebony: very thick, rare, expensive and difficult to work due to its hardness. It is considered as the Saint Graal for the wooden lutes because it lends a unique timbre to musical instruments. It is distinguished by a dark color with shades from chocolate to almost absoulte black.

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