"Medusa once had charms, but, above all, her hair in golden ringlets wav'd and graceful shone. Her Neptune saw, and with such beauties fir'd, in chaste Minerva's temple deflowered the blushing maid. Pallas on the ravished virgin takes revenge, and turns her shining hair to hiffing snakes". (Ovidius's Metamorphoses)


The second fermentation takes place in the Bergomi Room: the future Franciacorta Majolini rest under the look of a Sun and a Medusa, the greek mythological figure of a girl turned into a monster due to her beauty and arrogance. 

The works of Giuseppe Bergomi, one of the most famous lombard artists, placed in the Winery, are metaphors strictly linked to the winemaking, a delicate balancing act path above a tightrope between nature and artifice, between simplicity and sophistication.

The label of the Franciacorta Majolini Brut 1996 was dedicated to one of Bergomi's work to celebrate the new millennium.

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